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Aesthetic Apparatus - 2002 - Mooney Suzuki Concert Poster


$ 99.95
Aesthetic Apparatus - 2002 - Mooney Suzuki Concert Poster

This poster done by Aesthetic Apparatus measures 19" x 25" and wad done for The Mooney Suzuki show at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN. This poster is signed and numbered edition out of 150.

"The Go have long been a Mooney Suzuki favorite. We buy The Go's record at least once a week on tour because we always play it over the PA before we go on to get us going for the show, and we're always leaving them at the venues. So, this show was great because we didn't have to go buy The Go record to play before we went on because they were actually there! Their set was amazing and we had an awesome time. And I threw up after our encore."
-Sam, The Mooney Suzuki

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